The vagina is pretty good at cleaning itself. The vagina has its own pH level. It’s supposed to be acidic with an acidic level of no less than 4.5. There’s a low pH because it aims to prevent the growth of undesirable bacterial organisms that can easily pave the way for vaginal infections. When you start adding all of the antibacterial and heavily fragrant soap, you kill off the bacteria that are supposed to be there that creates the eco-system for the vagina and controls the acidity. It is important to maintain your personal hygiene by bathing at least once a day, use natural or mild soaps when washing your vagina and don’t douche, unless prescribed your doctor. Douches, specifically, can dry out the vagina, it changes the pH, making it higher and allowing other kinds of bacteria to overgrow. You should never put anything up inside your vagina, but you can use a super gentle soap for your labia. After you exit the shower, you should then pat your groin dry with a towel – so that excess moisture doesn’t sit there and cause a yeast infection